Farm to table source of natural oils

Expeller Non-GMO Canola oil

Non-GMO Project Verified

Our products have gone through a verification process according to established protocols:

  • Ongoing testing of all at risk ingredients. The action threshold is 0.9%. This is in
    alignment with laws in the European Union, where any product containing more
    than 0.9% GMO must be labelled.

  • Verification is maintained through an annual audit on-site inspection along with
    ongoing testing of seeds.

The Non-GMO Project, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, offers North America’s only third party verification and labeling for non-GMO (genetically modified organism) food and products.

To learn more about the Non-GMO Project, visit their website at:

We are proud to be Non-GMO Project verified. Located in the heart of the most productive oil seed growing regions in Australia has given us preferred access to an abundant supply of Non-GMO canola seeds thus creating a cleaner, more efficient, and stable supply chain.


a leading supplier of non-GMO oils

We believe in high quality, sustainable agriculture and ethical business.

Riverina Natural Oils LLC is the US subsidiary of Riverina Oils.  

Located in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia, our plant is in the heart of the agricultural hub known as Riverina. This region is known for its combination of flat plains, warm to hot climate and ample supply of water, enabling it to become one of the the most productive and agriculturally diverse areas in Australia.

Riverina Natural Oils LLC has been a farm-to-table source for our customers since 2013, manufacturing and distributing expeller pressed non-GMO canola oil. With an established, efficient and dependable supply chain in the U.S., we offer oil in bulk shipments, totes, drums, 35 lb. cubes and retail sizes.  

Our state-of-the-art, fully integrated oilseed crushing and refining plant was designed by Desmet Ballestra, an international leader in vegetable oils and fats technology. The plant has a capacity of crushing and refining 600 tons of oilseed per day and 200,000 tons of oilseeds annually.


environmental sustainability

At Riverina we strive for sustainability by implementing environmentally sound business and manufacturing processes.  Our goal is to ensure long-term sustainability by using our resources most productively. We manufacture and transport products responsibly, safely and efficiently to reduce our impact on natural resource supply and climate change.

We recognize our moral and legal responsibility to ensure that our activities, products and services are designed to protect and enhance the environment in the community in which we operate, and our obligations to ensuring that our operations do not place the natural environment or the local community at risk or harm.

Or manufacturing facility is among the best in the world with a low emissions record rated Category A by the E.P.A in terms of Environmental Compliance. Applying Continuous Emmisions Monitoring System (CEMS) interlocked with process, Riverina Oils operates at 5 ppm emission of H2S in comparison to the <50% in sludge generation.

Energy wastage is minimized and approximately 30% of the heat energy is recycled within the processes. Heat of vapor from one part of the operation is utilized to heat up oil / vapor of other operation instead of cooling it down, substantially reducing power and heat consumption resulting in low carbon footprint. CO2 emission is approximate 150kg/ton seed crushed with is better than global emission standards.


product quality and food safety

Riverina Oils (the parent company) is BRC food certified.   BRC Global Standards is a leading safety and quality certification program, used by over 20,000 suppliers in 90 countries.

Our factory has the certified Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) program in place. HACCP is the most widely used preventative food safety system in which every step of manufacturing, storage, and distribution of a food product is scientifically analyzed for microbiological, physical and chemical hazards.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are in place as a system for ensuring that our products are consistently produced and controlled according to identity, quality, and purity standards.

Our stringent quality control procedures monitor and review the entire supply chain on a regular basis in order to help us to maintain and achieve our high quality standards include the following:

  • Product Traceability

  • Sampling

  • Visual & Analytical Testing

  • Risk Assessment

  • Quality Control Management

  • Ongoing Training


products we offer


  • Expeller Non-GMO Canola oil, RBD

  • Expeller Non-GMO Canola oil with Tocopherols

  • ​All products are Non-GMO Project verified




All natural non-GMO expeller pressed canola is crushed & refined in our state of the art vegetable oil plant.  Our natural expeller process which has no addition of chemicals or hydrogenation, creates a high quality oil that can be traced back to their original fields.


We offer bulk shipments as well as totes.

We have experience working with food manufacturers, restaurant chains, food service distributors and in private labelling.

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